Husky Air Compressor

Husky air compressors are one of the most reliable and popular air compressors available today. If you are looking for a reliable and easy to use air compressor, then Husky air compressor is an excellent choice for you.

Air compressors are designed to provide compressed air to a variety of pneumatic tools. Since pumps on these units use the lubricating oil, therefore the compressed air stream may contain a small amount of oil. Therefore, tools that require compressed air free of water and oil must have an appropriate filter. Also, if you are working in a dirty place, or if you use tools that require pure compressed air stream, you may need an air filter to purify the compressed air from dust and other small harmful substances.

Husky air compressors are already producing for more than eighty years. These air compressors produced by Campbell Hausfeld and Nu Air Corp. exclusively for Home Depot.

If you’re not sure what kind of Husky air compressor you need, we will try to help you in this. First, we should divide the compressors on portable and stationary.

Husky air compressor: portable and stationary

Husky air compressor: portable and stationary

Portable Husky Air Compressors basically go with a smaller tank than stationary compressors (from 1 to 33 gallons). They are equipped with wheels that make moving the compressor is much easier and does not become an overwhelming task while you work with it.

Stationary air compressors often have a large volume of compressed air tank (from 60 gallons or more). It’s very handy if you often have to use a compressor, and you use tools that need a large amount of compressed air (for example to paint a large surface area, cars, walls, house, etc.).

Also, you can always buy additional portable air tank, if you need. Its advantage is that you can use it where you can not connect to electricity. Its perfect for emergency blow cleaning, tire inflation, and recreational inflation. In addition, it’s relatively inexpensive.

Husky portable air tank

Husky portable air tank

To understand what kind of an air compressor you need, we encourage you to think about which tasks your compressor should perform and what tools you want to use. Then, look at how much of compressed air is necessary for each of the tools for the job and select the maximum value. Based on this maximum value, choose the one Husky air compressor that can provide it.

Tip: choose an air compressor slightly more powerful than you need at the moment, because in the future, you may need other tools which will be needed a larger compressed air stream and its quantity.

On our website you can find all Husky air compressors, which are produced at the moment.